Nomura Jimusho. inc. - Topics:2013 - Establishment of Joint Venture Companies in Thailand

Establishment of Joint Venture Companies in Thailand


Nomura Jimusho, Inc., is pleased to announce the establishment of two joint venture companies in Thailand for breeding and sales of experimental animals.

(1) Breeding Company Overview
1. Company name
            M-CLEA Bioresource Co., Ltd.MCBC

            999 Buddhamonthon 4 Road, Salaya,
            Buddhamonthon, Nakomprathom, 73170,
            Thailand  (in the National Laboratory Center of Mahidol University
            located in Buddhamonthon, Nakomprathom, Thailand)

3Stated Capital
            80 million Thai baht

4Ratio of Capital Contribution
            Mahidol University : CLEA Japan : Nomura Jimusho 
             = 51 : 40 : 9

            March 28, 2013

6Business Description
            Breeding and supply of experimental animals

(2)  Sales Company Overview
1Company name
            Nomura Siam International Co., Ltd.

            5F Athenee Tower, Room 502A, 63 Wireless Road, 
            Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand

            President, Mr. Takehiro Matsuyama
              (currently Managing Director, Business Dept. II, Nomura Jimusho)
            Managing Director, Mr. Taiichiro Kamiya

4Stated Capital   
            2 million Thai baht

5Ratio of Capital Contribution:
            Nomura Jimusho : CLEA Japan : Others 
             = 35 : 14 : 51

            March 5, 2013

7Business Description     
            Domestic sales, import, and export of experimental animals and 
            related equipment and materials in Thailand and to/from oversea markets