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Privacy Policy

Basic Policy

Nomura Jimusho, Inc., recognizes the importance of protecting personal information, and has therefore established a set of rules and regulations on the proper handling of personal information that it has outlined to all its directors and employees, and it will continuously work to update and improve its policies.

  • We strictly observe all laws, ordinances, and regulations concerning the proper handling of personal information.
  • In order to facilitate the proper handling of personal information, all directors and employees are required to become thoroughly familiar with the proper procedures. In addition, the proper handling of personal information is also required of all outside persons entrusted with carrying out Nomura-related work.
  • In the collecting of personal information, after first making known the purpose(s) and type of usage, we collect only that personal information that is relevant. Furthermore, we handle such personal information in accordance with the purpose(s) and usage for which agreement had been obtained.
  • When requested to disclose, correct, remove, or terminate use of personal information, we shall, within rational and necessary bounds, respond in good faith.
  • In order to prevent any leakage or unauthorized disclosure of personal information, we have implemented the appropriate measures.

On the Handling of Personal Information on a Website

  • 1, The Purpose for the Usage of Personal Information

    Concerning requests for or questions about customers, the dispatching of various documents, and other situations, Nomura will use personal information only for the purpose(s) for which agreement had already been obtained. However, there may also be cases in which such information is used for some different purposes, such as a questionnaire about services, etc.

  • 2,The Disclosing of Personal Information to a Third Party

    With the exception of disclosing personal information in the implementation of the purpose(s) of usage, or when required to disclose such information in accordance with some law or ordinance, Nomura will never disclose the personal information collected from any client to any third party without that client’s prior approval.

  • 3,The Entrusting of Personal Information

    In the process of using the personal information collected for the purpose(s) of usage agreed to, there are cases in which such information must be disclosed to some outside company under subcontract or some firm with which there is an agreement related to business cooperation. In such cases, Nomura shall only appoint firms that are in agreement with Nomura’s privacy policies, and Nomura shall be responsible for such personal information and for its management and supervision. However, if there is a request to disclose such information from an official body or public agency based upon various laws or ordinances, there are also cases in which Nomura will be required to make such information available to such official/public institution. 

  • 4,The Storing of Personal Information

    Nomura has established, and strives to continue to improve, measures for the safe management of all personal information collected from its clients.

  • 5,The Disclosure, Correction, and Removal of Personal Information

    When any client requests that Nomura disclose, correct, or remove any of the personal information that it has submitted, Nomura will respond in a timely manner.

On the Collection of Personal Information

On its website, Nomura has links to several external sites, but this does not constitute any sharing of personal information. Therefore, Nomura cannot be held responsible for the personal information collection policies of the companies owning the linked websites. To find out more about that, please see the privacy policies of the linked websites.

About Cookies

Nomura’s website utilizes cookies in order to facilitate site management as well as to make it more convenient for others to access our website again. A cookie does not infringe on privacy. According to browser settings, one can refuse to accept cookies and can even delete all cookies that may ever have been received.

Questions Concerning the Management of Personal Information

To request that Nomura disclose personal information of any nature, please contact us at the addresses given below. When submitting such a request, please attach some evidence showing that Nomura does indeed have personal information on said client (such as an e-mail or postal mail sent from Nomura to the client, or a phone call [giving the date, time, and name of the Nomura person involved]). Now, when making such a request through postal mail, you shall bear the cost of posting correspondence to us, and we shall bear the cost of posting correspondence to you.

  • To inquire by postal mail:

    Nomura Jimusho, Inc.
    Attn: General Affairs Dept.
    1-2-9 Nishi Shimbashi
    Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003

  • To inquire by e-mail:

    Please send your inquiry to:

November 1, 2010
Shoji Nomura
Chairman of the Board/President
Nomura Jimusho, Inc.

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