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President's Message

Creating relationships on a personal level.

Our company was first established in 1933. We began with petroleum-related business and later diversified our base to deal in products with unique and distinct characteristics in fields such as oil-refining catalysts, special materials, plastic containers, specialty chemicals, and life sciences, and have broadened our activities by utilizing our expert knowledge of technology and an open-minded attitude as secret weapons in our business methodology.

Today, we are in the midst of a time of great structural change in global economy. Needless to say, we, too, must be able to cope with such change in a timely manner. We must go beyond our hitherto normal practice and actively pursue more than ever before business opportunities in emerging markets such as China. At the same time, we must also voluntarily and actively take responsibility for the environmental problems the world is now facing, in order not to create a burden for future generations.

We regard this “era of dynamic change” as a perfect opportunity to create new fields of business if we are flexible. We shall continue to exert our utmost efforts to grasp the needs of our customers and the public, and draw up the most appropriate proposals for them.

Since our inception, we have based our business policies upon the concept of “Creating relationships on a personal level.” Not only do we take good care of our own employees, we also endeavor to build up relationships based upon mutual trust with our customers and our suppliers, in the hope that they will come to think of us as their long-term partner. We firmly believe that it is only through offering opportunities to help our partners’ success that we ourselves will be able to grow.

President and Representative Director: Shoji Nomura