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Shunkichi Nomura and Isamu Iwamoto established Nomura Jimusho as a limited partnership and began importing crude oil, heavy oil, aviation fuel, and lube base oil from a few companies, including The Texas Company (Texaco)

Began import/sales of lube oil additives (OLOA) from Oronite Chemical Co.
Concluded agent agreement with Texaco Development Corp. for licensing technology
Began purchasing commodities made in Japan and exporting them to California Texas Oil Co. (CALTEX)
Began import/sales of Thiokol LP (liquid polysulfide) as an agent of Thiokol Chemical Corp.
Began import/sales of FCC (fluid catalytic cracking) catalysts as an agent of Nalco Chemical Co.
Established a joint venture, Karonite Chemicals Co., Ltd.(now Chevron Japan Ltd.), for the local production of Oronite lube oil additives
Nomura Jimusho was incorporated as a joint-stock company
Established a joint venture, Toyo Ethyl Co., Ltd., for the local production of tetraethyl lead
Established a joint venture, Mitsui-Texaco Chemicals Co., Ltd., for the local production of normal paraffin
As a business advisor for Chevron Research & Technology Co., began licensing hydroprocessing technologies developed by Chevron and also began sales of their hydroprocessing catalysts
Established a joint venture, Toray Thiokol Co., for the local production of Thiokol LP
Concluded agent agreement with Stratford Engineering Corp. and began licensing their alkylation process
Concluded representation agreement with AFA Corp. and began sales of trigger sprayers
Began sales of antimicrobial agents for industrial use manufactured by Thiokol Ventron Div.
Established a joint venture, Yoshino Thiokol Co., (now Yoshino Trigger Co., Ltd.), for the local production of trigger sprayers
Concluded distributorship agreement with Technical Sales & Engineering Co. (TSE) and began sales of millable polyurethane rubber
Concluded agent agreement with Engelhard Minerals & Chemicals Corp. for FCC catalysts
Concluded representation agreement with Powertex, Inc., and began sales of Sea Bulk/Powerliner
Performance chemical business taken over from Morton International, Ltd. (Japan)
Established a joint venture, Yoshino Moong Pattana (Thailand) Co., Ltd., for the production and assembly of molded plastic components in Thailand
Concluded distributor agreement with Morton Salt Division of Morton International, Inc., and began import/sales of table and industrial salts
Concluded distributor agreement with Rohm and Haas Co. for performance chemicals, plastic additives, and specialty plasticizers
Concluded manufacturer’s representative agreement with Gayesco, LLC, and began import/sales of multiple temperature measurement systems
Concluded manufacturer’s representative agreement with Hiltap Fittings Ltd., and began import/sales of quick couplings
Concluded distributorship agreement with bioBubble, Inc. and began import/sales of bio-clean rooms
Concluded agent agreement with Chevron Lummus Global, LLC (CLG), for licensing technology and with Advanced Refining Technologies, LLC (ART), for the sale of hydroprocessing catalysts
Concluded commercial agent agreement with Grace Davison – W.R. Grace (Singapore) Pte., Ltd., for the sale of FCC catalysts and additives
Began sales of lab-animal bedding manufactured by Tapvei Oy (Finland)
Concluded distributorship agreement with TAH Industries, Inc., and began sales of their Universal Cartridges
Acquired ISO14001 certification
Concluded distributorship agreement with Vertellus Specialties Inc., and began sales of pyridines, pyridine derivatives, and various specialty chemicals.
Rohm and Haas Co. was acquired by Dow Chemical Co., but Nomura continues to serve as their distributor
Establised a subsidiary, Junju Global Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., in Shanghai, China
Established a joint Venture, M-CLEA Bioresource Co., Ltd., for breeding experimental animals in Thailand.
Established a joint Venture, Nomura Siam International Co., Ltd., for sales of experimental animals and related equipment in Thailand.
Established a subsidiary, Nomura Jimusho Vietnam Co., Ltd in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Dow Chemical’s Sodium Bonohydrode(“SBH”) business was acquired by Vertellus Specialties Inc., but Nomura continues to serve as their distributor.