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Nomura Jimusho's Enviromental Mission
Nomura Jimusho, Inc., endeavors to serve the marketplace as a unique trading company, promoting the state-of-the-art technologies of many overseas producers, dealing in such products as oil-refining catalysts, specialty chemicals, and plastic products. In particular, there is a recent focus on promoting products that are essential in the development of a sustainable society, such as eco-friendly biofuels and biomass energy.

Nomura Jimusho, Inc., recognizes environmental conservation as its duty as a corporate citizen, is conscious of the influence of its business activities on the environment, and is engaged in ongoing activities to protect and preserve the environment in accordance with the following policies:

  • We address conservation and pollution prevention issues by introducing eco-friendly products and technologies to the marketplace.
  • We are working toward raising the public awareness of environmental issues such as the preservation of natural resources and implementation of energy-saving measures, the use of improved and sustainable resources, the alleviation of and adaptation to climate change, as well as the protection of biodiversity and biological systems.
  • We are in full compliance with the standards established by the laws and regulations for organizations as well as the additional measures that we have adopted that relate to environmental protection.
  • We take responsibility for objectives in respect to environmental conservation, set goals and establish programs to achieve these goals, and conduct periodical reviews of these efforts, while continuing to implement and improve our management system in order to improve the performance of our business activities vis-à-vis environmental protection.
  • We familiarize all our directors and employees with this Environmental Mission statement and also make this information public.